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Wimbledon Tipping Competition

Wimbledon Tipping Competition

The third in our series of competitions pitting the world’s best tennis tipsters against each other. This competition takes place throughout Wimbledon, the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world. Overview The Wimbledon Tipping competition will run throughout the main draw of Wimbledon, and you can follow it …

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Madrid/Rome Tennis Tipping Competition

Best Tennis Tipsters Madrid Rome

Following up on the success of the first competition, we are staging another competition pitting the world’s best tennis tipsters against each other- this time over both the Madrid and Rome ATP World Tour Masters 1000s Overview The Madrid/Rome Tipping competition will run from the start of the Madrid Maters …

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Monte Carlo Tennis Tipster Competition

Twitter Tennis Tipsters Best - Competition Tennis Twitters - Who are the best twitter tipsters

It started from an online argument and ended here- the first in a series of competitions pitting the best tennis tipsters in the world against one another. Overview The Monto Carlo Tipping competition will run for the duration of the Monte Carlo Masters and involves the best tennis tipsters on …

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Betting Preview: 2nd Test India v Australia

betting cricket india australia kohli smith

First Test Recap No one saw the result in first test coming. The Australian team that arrived in India were given no hope, the series was won by India without a ball being bowled. Much of the discussion centred around how Australia would struggle with the spin of Jadeja and …

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Which Bookmaker Has the Best Odds

Australian Bookmaker Logos - Best Odds Review

Each bookmaker offers unique features and promotions, but if you were wondering how each bookmaker measures up against the rest, we've done the analysis to present information to rank those by the best odds.

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Why Bookmakers Always Win (and Why it Shouldn’t Worry You)

How Bookmakers Win - Do Bookmakers Always Win - Can I Beat Betting Sites

Whilst bookmakers may always win in the long run, skilled sports betters use this fact to their advantage. And by knowing how, you can beat the betting agencies as well! Gambling on games of chance like roulette, craps, or the lottery are for people that are addicted to gambling, misunderstand …

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How Asian Lines Work

asian lines

If you're not sure what an Asian Line of +0.25 or -0.75 means for your payout scenarios, we have you covered! Here we explain how Asian Lines/Handicapswork, and provide an easy to use calculator, and payoff table.

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Before you Bet on Tennis

Betting on Tennis - Tennis Betting Tips - Making Money On Tennis Betting

Retirement conditions, probability of winning a game from every possible position, playing styles. Read this for an edge before you bet on Tennis.

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Before you Bet on NBA

NBA betting

We cover the important things to know before betting on the NBA. Including overtime payout rules, initial line bias, travel, and junk time.

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The Favourite-Longshot Bias

Betting on long odds or short priced favourites

One of the best accepted phenomena in betting is the favourite-longshot bias, where bettors undervalue favourites and overvalue ‘longshots’. Yet, whilst many in the betting industry are aware of the favourite-longshot bias, working out exactly why this occurs is less clear. 60 years of academic analysis has yet to get …

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