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How to Avoid Being Banned by Bookmakers

Sports betting companies stipulate in their terms and conditions that they can ban customers at their discretion. If you’re getting banned by bookmakers, congratulations, you must be winning! But even so, there are ways to limit the likelihood of this happening to you.

Why do Bookmakers Ban Clients?

Bookmakers want to get as many customers on their books as possible, to do this they offer great introductory joining offers and promotional offers. Some of these customers will win money, but most will lose – and depending on the bookmaker, the consistent winners may find themselves banned or limited from betting. This is a perfect world for the bookmakers, as the smart punters take their limited winnings and are unable to continue, but the punters who lose may deposit again and again in the hope of clawing back their money.

Here’s a few of the ways you can be limited by bookmakers (noting that they have absolute discretion as stipulated in their terms).

Ban TypeDescription
Maximum Bet LimitationYour maximum bet on certain markets will be very low, or you will need human approval to bet the amount that you desire.
Banned from Special OffersYou’ll be able to bet on any markets, but will not have access to the odds boost specials, or if you bet on markets where you can get money back, you won’t be eligible for the money back offer.
Banned from Certain SportsProbably the rarest of all ban types, where you will lose the right to bet on certain sports (usually niche sports)
Account BanningQuite simply, your account will be closed, with the bookmaker making arrangements to return any remaining balance from your account.
If you’re on this site, it’s safe to say you are probably a savvy punter who will no doubt be betting smart and winning more than you lose. Similar to casinos that ban clients who count cards, there are certain red flags they look out for in order to guard against extremely profitable punters. So here’s a few ways that bookmakers will identify punters to ban which you need to keep in mind, because once it happens it isn’t reversible.

Betting only on Promotional Markets

We know – that’s why you joined. But a bookmakers goal with these enticements is to get you feeling like making money is easy, betting quickly, and subsequently losing any winnings you’ve made (and more). If these are all you bet on, bookmakers are at a mathematical disadvantage so you’ll find that you are quickly banned from the promotions.

Betting on Niche or Illiquid Markets

In the words of a William Hill Operator after I asked why I was banned from placing more than $10 bets: “Mate you’ve just dropped $500 on the Qatari Tennis…”
On illiquid markets, bookmakers see much less activity and are less confident in their current pricing, as they aren’t able to come to a consensus on how punters view the market, and have to rely on their own mechanisms. With careful analysis, you can get a huge advantage over bookmakers on these niche markets. As such, if you’re placing large amounts of money the bookmakers will be raising an eyebrow. Win a few and they’ll be limiting your bets.


Arbitrage is a beautiful thing, but you need to pick your battles. If you are putting big money across two bookmakers to make a small amount of risk-free money, be aware that you will find yourself banned very quickly. It’s up to you to decide whether the benefits of the arbitrage outweight the possibility of getting banned, but you might only be making a small percentage of your outlay which isn’t really worthwhile when considering that having another bookmaker for promotions and odds comparisons is potentially more valuable than a small risk free profit.

Whilst a bookmaker won’t know if you’ve arbitraged, the likelihood is that these bets will be much larger than you would generally place on other bets since you are certain to make money in either scenario. Whichever account wins is at risk of a banning.


Some other ways you may find yourself banned are:

    • Betting non-whole numbers. This is usually a signal to a bookmaker that you are conducting arbitrage, round those $23.65 bets up to $25.
    • Betting on both sides of a market with the same bookmaker. If you bet on an odds boost coupled with another bet on the market to hedge your position you will be banned very quickly (that is even if the bookmaker allows the initial bets to stand).
    • Instant withdrawal of winnings. Bookmakers like your money being in the accounts, when you’re winning and it stays in the account they stay confident that you will gamble (and hopefully for them – lose it). It’s similar to a casino making sure there are plenty of tables on the way to the cashier. A caveat with this however, if you are placing large bets, withdrawing any winnings can often get you bonus deposit offers, as they are willing to throw an incentive to entice you to deposit again. Be aware there is a limit on how much you’ll be able to do this, and it’s certainly better for you to leave money in your account in general if you’re winning and want to keep your account with a particular bookmaker.

What you can do

To keep accounts with the mainstram bookmakers, you need to bet on other things besides either odds boost or money back offers, even though these are the markets that we suggest to take advantage of regularly. You can do this quite easily by betting on a multitude of sports semi-frequently. You’ll find that even if you have a marginally losing rate with these bets, most of the time your winnings from money back offers or odds boosts will leave you in the positive. Another strategy would be to combine this across bookmakers, if you ever find a match or line where you have odds of 1.95 either side for example, this is a great way to put $100-$200 on each side, losing a small amount of money, but ensuring the bookmakers keep you off their naughty list.

One of our favourite bookmakers, Pinnacle, does not ban their clients no matter how much they win, or even if they arbitrage. They also have the best odds in the business click here to join them.

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