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How Asian Lines Work

Asian Line Profit Calculator

I want to place a bet of $
on an Asian Line of
with decimal odds of
If team wins by 2+
If team wins by 1
If team wins
If team draws
If team loses
If team loses by 1
1/2 PUSH 1/2 LOSS
If team loses by 2 or more

What are asian lines, how do asian lines relate to normal handicap line betting, and when would I use an asian line bet. All valid questions we will answer.

What are Asian Lines and why do they exist?

‘Asian Line’ is a term that is going out of fashion in many countries, replaced by intuitive terms like ‘draw no bet’ or ‘double chance’. That said, it is still important to understand what the various types of Asian lines represent as they serve a very important purpose for the serious sports better by providing allowing two outcomes to be bet on (ie. draw and win) at the cost of only a single bookmaker’s margin.

At first glance, it is easy to think of an ‘Asian Line’ bet as being the same as a handicap or line bet, however, when we start talking about handicaps of 0.75 it is clear this only tells part of the story.

Asian Line Calculator

Click here to open our simple and easy to use pop-up asian line calculator which will show all the profit scenarios for bets on a particular line, based on the odds and your bet stake.

Asian Line Summary Table

If you’re looking to increase your theoretical understanding so that you won’t need a calculator, here’s a quick summary table of some common Asian Lines, and their bet results according to the result. Further through this article, you can explore some of these scenarios in more detail.

Asian Line Table Summary

Asian Line Scenarios

Click each scenario below to see a walk-through of how different results for each line corresponds to a given profit. For all examples in this article, we will us the following match odds.

Asian Line payout table- did you win your 0.5, 0.25 or 0.75 bet?
This is similar to markets you’ll see when two teams are evenly matched.

Asian line of 0.0

Asian Line of +/- 0.5

Asian Line of +/- 1

Asian Line of +/- 0.25

Asian Line of +/- 0.75

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