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Pinnacle Review

If you are looking to join the online bookmaker Pinnacle, then be sure to read our comprehensive Pinnacle review below, and use our joining offer link to sign up!


With customers in over 100 countries worldwide, Pinnacle is one of the largest bookmakers in the world. Pinnacle is unique as they don’t offer promotional or sign up bonuses, but rather attract customers, particularly high-volume and professional punters, with their high-odds/low bookmaker margin model. The typical odds that you’ll find when betting on the handicap or line is 1.952, and they are also known for having particularly good odds on underdogs. In addition to their odds, they differentiate themselves by:

  • Allowing Live Betting without Calling: Pinnacle is based overseas, and thus is the only remaining place an Australian can bet live without calling since the ‘click to call’ features from other bookmakers were outlawed.
  • Being Arbitrage Friendly: Pinnacle’s policy is to welcome punters that use their betting site to arbitrage. Officially, this is because they are confident in their pricing experts, however realistically it is because Pinnacle have a strategy of instantly adjusting odds to reflect how the market bets, profiting regardless of outcome.
  • Welcoming Winners: Most bookmakers will inevitably ban punters who are consistently successful. Pinnacle instead tracks these betters and adjusts odds with a high sensitivity to their bets, helping them shape their markets.

Joining Offer

As mentioned above, Pinnacle does away with joining offers in order to focus on balancing their books and offering market leading odds. If you’re looking for bonus offers, you can compare joining offers for all bookmakers here.


Like with Joining offers, Pinnacle don’t offer any odds boost, bonus bets or money back promotions and focus entirely on offering the best odds instead.

For a complete list of promotions across all bookmakers, please check out our complete list of Australian money back and bonus bet offers.

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Based on our cross sport analysis, we found Pinnacle to have an average bookmaker margin (or ‘house edge’) of 2.7%, well above the market average of 4.7%. Pinnacle truly is the best online Australian bookmaker when it comes to odds. Remember that for punters, a lower bookmaker margin is preferable.

Pinnacle Joining Offer - Pinnacle Bonus Bet - Pinnacle Live Betting Australia

Rating: 1st/13

Market Coverage

Our analysis found that Pinnacle offers a limited range of sports when compared to other bookmakers. Beyond this, they also offer an extremely small range of betting options, usually limited to head to head, lines, and total points/goals markets.

Pinnacle doesn’t offer exotics or proposition type bets at all, instead focusing on balancing their books on a few major markets (an impossible task if they were to offer hundreds of markets like their competitors).

Pinnacle Number of Markets - Pinnacle Australia Review - Pinnacle Comparison - Pinnacle Join

Rating: poor


Pinnacle have a simple desktop interface, which is adequate to service their limited number of features. They do not offer a standalone mobile app, but the mobile optimised version of their site works well enough on mobiles (hint- create a desktop shortcut of their homepage). One of the the key limitations of the interface is the lack of an easy way to place multis (which you can’t place across different sports anyway). You also may struggle to find certain matches due to their grouping into “Today” or “Early Markets” categories, which can be confusing across different timezones.

Rating: good


FeatureBookmaker DetailsRating
Live Betting
  • One of few Bookmaker that Australians can use to bet live without a phone call
Minimum Bet
  • $1 USD or equivalent
Payout Limits
  • Varies by sport and is listed on every market. Generally the highest limits across all bookmakers for straight bets.
  • 3x turnover to avoid any processing fees
  • Combinations within particular sports only
  • Pinnacle is perhaps the only bookmakers that doesn't ban for extreme winning or arbitraging

Rating: great


Pinnacle falls short in many areas (bonus bets, market coverage and streaming services) that make other bookmakers great. But in truth, it doesn’t really matter, as their odds are so much better than anyone else out there on the market. It goes without saying that if you are interested in arbitraging or becoming a professional gambler then joining Pinnacle is step 1, but even for your average punter, Pinnacle is a must-have. Their unbeatable odds mean Pinnacle should be the first bookmaker you check for any basic bet on a major market, and the fact that you can still bet live without calling is a great little sweetener.

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Sports Coveragepoor

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